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Orienteering in
Airedale and Wharfedale

Scottish Six Days Orienteering Festival

Last edited: Mon 7 Aug 2017

Thirty or so Airienteers took on the challenge of the tough Deeside forests at the Scottish Six Days Orienteering Festival last week. The weather was kind, the welcome hospitable, the views spectacular, the aliens cute and the whole week memorable on many levels. Notable overall AIRE results were:

W18L Laura King 3rd and Lucy Haines 5th

M10B Jack Beavers 5th

M21S George Stevens 1st and Dave Murgatroyd 7th

M35S Richard Foster 5th and Lee Beavers 10th

M45L Neil Conway 12th

M60L Peter Haines 8th

M65L Tony Thornley 4th

W16A Evie Conway 11th

W45L Natasha Conway 12th

W55S Shirley Wood 4th

W70S Jo Thornley 4th