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Orienteering in
Airedale and Wharfedale

Notable AIRE performances at JK2017!

Last edited: Wed 26 Apr 2017

A merry band of Airienteers headed south east for JK2017 at the Easter weekend. The sun shone on four days of varied terrain. Heritage Tractors and a pink Friesian cow figured as spectator controls!

Consistent performances over the four days of competition came from Steve Webb (M55) who was 5th in the Sprint and 13th overall in the Middle/Long; Maurice Calvert (M60S) 8th in the Sprint and 3rd overall in the Middle/Long and Peter Haines (M60) who was 10th in the Sprint and 4th overall in the Middle/Long. Neil Conway finished 11th overall in M45L; James Avis 6th overall in M21V; Jack Wood 20th overall in M21E.

In the Women’s Competition there were strong performances from Evie Conway (W16A) who finished 5th in the Sprint and 4th overall in the Middle/Long; Laura King (W18E) who was 8th in the Sprint and overall 4th place in the Middle/Long; Lucy Haines (W18E) 4th in the Sprint and 7th overall in the Middle/Long. Rose Burden (W21L) finished 10th overall; Lindsey King, Gill Adams and Joyce Marshall finished 15th, 17th and 18th respectively in W55L and Sue Stevens was placed 19th overall in W60L. Margaret Parker finished in 18th place in the Sprint. Well done to all!

Special congratulations must go to the team of Lucy, Evie and Laura who ran in the Women's Trophy Class at the Relay and finished in a creditable 9th place. Our Veteran Women's team of Lindsey, Wendy and Joyce finished in 7th place in the W165+ Class.