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Orienteering in
Airedale and Wharfedale

Ilkley Moor: long legs and mud

Last edited: Mon 6 Mar 2017

Sunday presented a few challenges: lunchtime drizzle=mud; route to the far start long and complex.

But not as long and complex as the courses.
AIRE runners who overcame all this were led by club sec David Alcock (1st Brown) and Jack Cooper (2nd Blue).
Over 30 AIRE helpers made the event possible - many thanks to all of you.

Other good performances: George Stevens (3) beating Jack Wood (4) on the Black; Jo Buckley (4) Daniel Holman (6) and Howard Sawyer (8) on the Blue; Paul Wood (3) on Short Blue and Shirley (3) on Green. Finally Nikie Arthurs won the Very Short Green, with Alan Parker 2nd, giving Nikie a year or two. Apologies to others I have missed.

Organising maestro Graham Stuart did a great job in pulling a very complicated event (mainly the Planner's fault) together. Over 30 AIRE members made the event possible by volunteering - grateful thanks to everyone. We move on to the CSC at Cringles next weekend and the imminent spring sprint series.

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