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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Fast and Glorious Airienteers!

Last edited: Mon 20 Jun 2022

Saturday dawned for the relays. Yours truly headed out with some trepidation. I wouldn’t say I was press-ganged into entering but let’s say I didn’t volunteer and the two other people the club captain asked to complete the team were unavailable! AIRE had a good complement of teams – 11 altogether. Our club captain Steve Webb did a sterling job filling up gaps in some and on the day rallying as many of us round for a team photo (a bit like herding cats I think) but he managed to get most of us.

Our results were:

Young Junior (12-): 5th was Paddington BeAIRE – Charlie Alcock, Kate Parkinson, Charlotte Beavers

Junior (16-): 9th was bAIRE necessities – Katie Buckley, Henry Stitson, Megan Robinson

10th was Rupert bAIRE – James Woodham, Annie Faulkner, Joseph Dawson

Vets (40+) 5th was Commission AIRE – Rob Gatenby, Jo Buckley, Dave Alcock

10th was VoltAIRE – David Bowman, Natasha Conway, Richard Foster

Supervets (55+) 13TH was BelAIRE – Greg Hull, Lindsey King, Chris Penny

Ultravets (65+) 5th was LassezfAIRE – Tony Carlyle, Liz Carter, Peter Jones.

Liz Carter