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Orienteering in
Airedale and Wharfedale

Compass Sport Cup Round, Cringle Moor

Last edited: Mon 13 Mar 2017

On Sunday we were 2nd in our heat, just pipped by CLOK. At the end of the day it came down to a difference of only 23 points out of over 2400. I think sheer weight of numbers for CLOK on their home territory counted for a lot but we also had 3 or 4 mispunches that might have closed that gap. A big thanks to all of you who represented the club. If you didn't manage to give me the entry fee on the day can you please transfer it direct to the club bank account (£10).

Club Captain Pete Jones

Well done to those Airienteers whose results counted for the competition:

Course 1

Jack Wood 99

George Stevens 98

Dave Murgatroyd 95

Course 2

Al Powell 99

Neil Conway 98

David Bowman 96

David Alcock 93

Course 4

Steve Webb 100

Ian Marshall 95

Chris Penny 92

Course 5

Natasha Conway 99

Shirley Wood 98

Lindsey King 97

Joyce Marshall 96

Course 6

Tony Thornley 100

Tony Carlyle 99

Peter Jones 98

Howard Sawyer 97

Course 7

Sue Stevens 93

Course 8B

Evie Conway 100

Holly Avis 94

Course 9A

Jake Powell 100

Adam Powell 94

Adam Williams 92

Course 9B

Joanna Bowman 94

Thanks to Vince Grealy of CLARO for permission to use his photographs.