Wharfedale Olite Series - Sat 4th October  
3rd event in the series at..... Danefield 
White, Yellow, Orange and Green Courses 
A course suitable for all ages - Junior and Senior 
There are also technique training exercises available for adults and juniors 
Click here for details 
Sat 27 September - Chevin OLITE  
Sat 20 September - Nunroyd Park OLITE  
Saturday 11th October 2014  
5pm - FREE informal event in Pool Bank Quarries followed by... 
The Annual General Meeting 
All AIRE members are invited to the AGM to discuss important 
issues concerning the future of the club. 
The meeting will be held at the Dyneley Arms above Pool Bank. 
(Time and further details to follow). 
to Aire's 2014 Peter Palmer Junior Relay team of  
Laura King,Miles Gilleard, Matthew Hall,  
Joe Woodley, Lucy Haines and Evie Conway. 
Despite being just outside the 'Young Team' category 
AIRE came 5th out of 20 teams in the main competition. 
Team photo 
Tuesday Night Run  
Come along for a walk/jog/run and a lot of food and chat! 
Click here for dates and locations (to Oct 2014) 
What do all those squiggles mean?  
Are you confused by orienteering map lines and symbols? 
Are you baffled by control description hieroglyphics? 
There are some great crib sheets you can download  
to help make sense of it all, at ... 
Sat 4 Oct 2014

Sat 11 Oct 2014
Pool Bank Quarries

Sat 18 Oct 2014

Our next major event is:
Sat 15 Nov 2014
Adel Woods