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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

British Middle Distance Championships

Sat 27 April, 2024

Level of event: Major

Type of event: Race


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Fell Wood String Course Results 2024

Maze Results 27 04 2024

Wendy Carlyle's photos can be found on this link

British Middle Distance Championships, April 2024 | Flickr

Pre Event Info

Welcome to the 2024 British Middle Distance Championship at Danefield (Chevin Forest Park) - home of some of the finest views in Yorkshire across Wharfedale, with steep and technical orienteering to test your skills.

Entries are now closed. Start Times are available through the Fabian 4 link.

Enter Online

Key Information if you read nothing else.

Parking at w3w: ///standing.jetliner.mime

Please car share. With a high entry, parking is going to be tight.

1.8k no climb - Parking to Arena - can be muddy in places.

Bibs compulsory for Championship courses. Collect Bibs at the Arena.

Toilets only available in the arena.

1.35k 60m gentle climb - Arena to the Start.

Both walks are 100m longer than previously advertised as we have decided to move the arena to a better drained but smaller field, due to the continued wet conditions which were threatening our use of the original field.

Very limited priority parking for anyone with a) a passenger with a disability which makes the walk from Parking impossible, or b) very young children in buggies. Please contact the organiser to arrange a space.

Free String Course (10:30-14:00) and Maze (10:30 - Prize Giving)

Planners Mapping Notes

Late Changes.

Minor changes made to Start Layout.

Campervan information added in Parking Section

Due to the high number of late entries, parking will now open at 8.40 and the first start will be at 10.40.

This event is paired with the Northern Championships on Sunday 28th April at Kilnsey South.


Directions / Parking

By Road: The parking field is on Old Lane. Grid ref: SE232435 w3w: ///standing.jetliner.mime

Unfortunately we are only able to provide a very small number of priority parking spaces. Please contact the organiser in advance to book a space.

If leaving the parking field before 13.30 please give way to any incoming vehicle.

Please only approach from the A658 Bradford to Harrogate Road. The first signs for the event will be approaching this junction from north and south.

Exit using the central hardcore track leading up to the gate.

The toilet in the parking field is there for officials. Please respect this (unless desperate!) and use the toilets in the assembly area.

Dropping off / Picking up competitors: Drive past the entrance to the parking field on Old Lane, taking care passing the spot where competitors cross the road, and you will find a few pull-in places adjacent to the woodland. Please only park there briefly while your passenger(s) get out, as this area is well used by local dog walkers and families.

Campervans: These will use the same parking field as all other vehicles. The field is very well drained and has a good surface. It has stayed in good condition throughout the winter. There is no nearby hardstanding. If you have concerns about parking on grass, please find a parking spot in a residential area and use the public transport possibilities below.

Do not use any of the car parks around Chevin Forest Park. We want to leave these available for the public who use the woods in considerable numbers. The roads leading from them have no footpaths and fast traffic. Any pedestrian routes through the wood, other than those O signed are strictly out of bounds

By Bus: Public transport details at The X84 Leeds to Ilkley bus, the A2 Bradford to Harrogate bus, and the A3 Bradford to Otley bus all have stops nearby. From the stops there are various direct routes to Assembly, none of which will be flagged.

X84 passengers from both directions should alight at the stop opposite/adjacent to KT Green Subaru dealership.Stop ID's: 45014747 & 45014748

Walk up the unmade Private Road that is heading west from beside the Otley bound stop. Take great care stepping out of the footpath gap at the top turning right and immediately left onto Quarry Farm Road follow to Arena - total distance 600m.

Passengers on the A2, A3 X85 & 940 services should alight at the stops on A658 at Dyneley Arms (A660 Junction) Stop Id’s 45014701 & 45023911. Walk along A660 towards Otley and after 400m at KT Green follow the route recommended for X84. total distance 1000m

By Train: The nearest rail station is Guiseley 4.7k away, largely along narrow country roads lacking footpaths. Not recommended. Better to catch the A3 Bus from Guiseley station, the A2 from Apperley Bridge Station or the X84 from Leeds.

By Bicycle: Use the directions for Bus users to the Arena.

Route to the Arena: This is approximately 1.8k through fields and along paths and tracks. There will be no pedestrian access immediately onto Old Lane. Follow the tapes from the NW corner of the parking field to a minor road crossing. Cross into the wood opposite by a narrow stile and follow the tapes along paths through the woods and eventually across a field to the arena.

If buggies prove impossible to get across the narrow stile, there is a better entrance to the wood along the road to the NW for 150m. Enter the wood and immediately turn right on a broad track which will take you back to the signed route. There will be marshalls at the stile crossing who may be able to help you get across.

Please keep dogs on a short lead while passing through fields. There may be livestock in the fields or nearby.


The arena is at the far (west) end of Quarry Farm Road, LS21 3BU. SE 232441 w3w ///spans.durations.crusted.

Arena Plan

Please don't drive here, even if only dropping passengers off. We are trying to minimise inconvenience to local residents.


  • There is space for club tents in the Arena and club flags are permitted.
  • The Download tent will be adjacent to the finish.
  • Bib collection.
  • First Aid station – a first aid tent/mobile unit will be based in the Arena.
  • Caterers and Equipment Suppliers: Podium Catering, Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream, YHOA Junior Squad Cake Stall (by the Maze), Compasspoint, and Str8 Compass (who are also sponsoring the weekend).
  • Commentary by Katherine Bett and Holly Stodgell.
  • There will be kit storage space in the large marquee for those who do not have access to a club tent. The storage of kit here is at your own risk.
  • Toilets

Enquiries Enquiries will be located in the main marquee

  • Trophy return
  • Lost and found property
  • General enquiries

SIAC Hire Pre-hired SIACs can be collected at Registration. SI cards will be available for hire on the day for colour coded competitors.

First Aid & Hospitals First Choice Medical Services will provide First Aid at the event.

Minor injuries only - Wharfedale Urgent Treatment Centre, Wharfedale Hospital, Newall Carr Road, Otley, LS21 2LY - 3.6 miles.

Accident and Emergency - Leeds General Infirmary, Jubilee Wing Reception (A & E) - Clarendon Way, Leeds LS2 9DA – 9.7 miles

The dedicated Event Emergency number is

Medals and Prizes There will be a Senior Men and a Senior Women Trophy awarded to the first placed eligible competitors in the M/W 21 category. There will also be Junior Men and Women Trophies awarded to the first placed eligible M/W 18 or M/W20 entered for course 5 and 9 for male and female classes respectively.

British Championship Medals will be awarded to the first, second and third placed competitors in age classes. Competitors are only eligible for Trophies and/or medals in the age class they have entered.

Rules The event will be run under British Orienteering Rules.

Complaints, Protests and Appeals As a competitor, if you feel that the Rules are not being followed there is a procedure to follow. Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Complaints coordinator, and/or the Event Organiser, using the standard Complaints/Protests form.

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, then a protest can be lodged with the Organiser, who will, if necessary, convene a Jury.

Complaints should be made before course closing times. A further 30 mins will be allowed for the Organiser, Controller and Jury to deal with the request and for competitor protests/appeals.

Jury - Many thanks to the following Jury members: John Britton MDOC, Paul Taylor CLOK, and David Rosen SROC. Reserve: Keith Tomkin BL.

Registration & Start Times

There will be no EOD for Championship Courses, only for Orange, Yellow and White. (See details below)

Championship runners must collect their bibs from the Assembly Field, and attach them to their running tops.

Colour Coded Course Registration will be from 11.00 until 12.00 only.

Timings Please note: Timings are subject to change if deemed necessary.

  • 08:40 Car parks open
  • 09:00 Enquiries open, Trophy Return
  • 10:40 First start time
  • 14:00 Last start time
  • 15:00 Medal Ceremony
  • 15:30 Courses close
  • 16:00 Enquiries close.

Clothing and whistles You must wear full leg and body cover. Shorts will not be permitted.

We may require a lightweight hooded waterproof jacket to be worn or carried if the weather is bad – if so, notice will be given in online information and will be displayed at the parking areas and enquiries in the arena.

Whistles are recommended.

There will be no clothing transfer and no area for clothing to be left at the start.


Bibs are used for all Championship classes. All competitors should complete the reverse side of the bib with contact details and any medical information.

The bibs can be collected next to enquiries where they will be hung in alphabetical order. All competitors must wear their individually numbered bibs and will not be allowed to start without them.


The shadowing of any competitor on a Championship course is not permitted. No-one is allowed to shadow a colour coded competitor if the shadower is yet to run their Championship course.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions are printed on the front of the map. Loose control descriptions will be available in the Start Lanes.


There is one start for all courses.

The route to the start is approximately 1.35k. The first 600m is back on the route to parking. It is then all on good paths. Don’t forget to collect your bib from assembly first.

Please allow sufficient time to get to your start.

Championship competitors will have a pre-allocated timed (non-punching) start. Colour coded runners will have a punching start.

Start Procedures

It will be a quiet start. There will be no verbal input from officials, after call up.

Before the start boxes will be SIAC Battery Test station, SI Clear and Check stations. It is your responsibility to clear your SI card by holding the dibber in the Clear station until the station flashes and beeps.

  • -5 Call up. Names ticked off, start time on bib checked. Courses 1-6 in righthand lane; courses 7-12 in middle lane: courses 13-18 in lefthand lane. Far lefthand lane for late starters and colour coded courses
  • -4 SIAC Test & SI Check official
  • -3 Loose control descriptions
  • -2 Any last minute Information and final Check.
  • -1 At -10 seconds move forward and take hold of your map, but do not turn it over until the final beep on the start clock.

Late Starters

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they get to their Pre-start on time.

If you are late for your call up time, report to a pre-start official. If possible, the official will slot you

into the correct start box for your start time.

If you are late and beyond your start time, the following procedure will apply: An official will guide you to the late start location, enabling you to collect control descriptions and start you in accordance with BOF rules.

The following BO rules will apply:

27.6.1 In an interval start, if the competitor is at the start line less than half the start interval after their start time, they shall start immediately.

27.6.2 In an interval start, if the competitor is at the start line more than half the start interval after their start time, they shall start at the next available half start interval.

27.7 Competitors who are late for their start time through no fault of the organiser shall be timed as if they had started at their original start time. Competitors who believe they are late for their start time through the fault of the organiser shall also be timed from a punching start. The punching start will only be used once the Competitor has contacted the Organiser at the Finish, and has had their explanation that their late start was due to a fault of the Organiser.

Entry Details

Eligibility The Championships are open to members of the British Orienteering Federation and to members of overseas IOF affiliated Federations.

To be eligible to be a British Champion, an individual competitor must on the day immediately preceding the day of competition in question be a member of British Orienteering and: either be a British citizen, or have been a member of British Orienteering in each of the three membership years preceding the year of the competition

For Juniors who are not British citizens, the membership criteria is specified below: (ages on 31st December 2024 apply)

  • 10 or under: Member on day before the day of competition and in previous 6 months.
  • 11: Member on day before the day of competition and in previous year
  • 12: Member on day before the day of competition and in previous two years
  • 13 and over: As in the main rule above.

Entries are via Fabian 4 using the link above. Helpers will be able to enter and get a discount of £10 off the entry fee - contact Chris Burden (organiser) to volunteer and he will give you a helper code to put in when you enter on line.

Entry Fees - Championship Courses

Early Entry (up to midnight Feb 25th) - Seniors £24; Juniors £12

Middle Entry (up to midnight March 24th) - Seniors £26; Juniors £13

Closing Date for entries April 14th - Seniors £28; Juniors £14

EOD Entry Fees - Colour Coded

Seniors £12 Juniors£6 Orange = £12, Yellow and White Free.

Starts from 11-30 to 13.30 for EOD entrants. Registration will open from 10.00. Allow 20 minutes to walk to the start

No bib required for colour coded entrants.

Dibber hire

SIAC hire will be £3.50 (senior & junior), a standard punching dibber (max 30 controls) will be £1 for seniors and free for juniors. Please note that SIAC hire will not be available on the day only standard dibbers.

Course Information

Subject to final controlling



Length (k)

Climb (m)

No of controls


M21 (double sided)










M35 M40





M45 M50





W20 W18 W16










W35 W40










M20 M18 M16





M65 W45





M70 W50





M75 W55










M80 W65





M85 M90 W70 W75 W80 W85 W90





M14 W14





M12 W12





M10 W10



















A previous edition of the map can be seen at https://www.aire.routegadget.c...

String Course and Maze There will be a free String Course (10;30-14:00) - passed en route to Assembly and again on the route to the Start. There will be a free Maze in the Arena by the Junior Squad Cake Stall. (10:30-Prize Giving) Cash only for the cakes please. Fell Wood String Course

Download: All competitors must download after their run. There will be a map deposit immediately after download for the Elite courses only; Courses 1,2,5 and 9. Maps can be collected after the last start at 14:00. In the spirit of fair competition, all other competitors must not show their map before this time to any other competitor who is yet to run on any course.

Terrain Description


A completely revised map from LIDAR base surveyed and drawn by Tony Thornley 2023 1:10,000 5m contours for courses 1,2,3,5,7 & 9 (M16-M40) and (W16-W40) 1:7,500 5m contours for all other courses.


Danefield is a popular area with the public, and you will encounter many on the footpaths. Please show them consideration. Some of the tracks are also used by cyclists, and some informal downhill tracks may be in use by mountain bikers. You may also encounter rock climbers and boulderers.

Danefield is owned by Leeds City Council who we thank for their kind permission and assistance in staging the event. It is operated through the Parks Department which has meant that the forest is not managed with a primary aim of commercial production. Most of the mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland is therefore very mature and runnable with the exception of a few areas where bramble has taken hold.

Danefield is situated on a major north facing slope which gains up to 130m height across the map.

There is a large amount of rock and contour detail with particularly complex boulder fields incorporating some very large features, including many large crags. It is not feasible to tape all of the large crag tops, therefore for consistency none will be taped. The courses are planned to avoid the largest crag area entirely and in other areas, with significant crags, courses are planned for competitors to be going uphill in their vicinity. nAll control sites on crags and large boulders are at the foot of the feature.

The main paths run east /west mainly following the contours. Smaller Seasonal and Mountain Bike generated paths are only mapped where they provide a faster route across the terrain.

At the eastern end of the area there is a semi open area with significant bracken but this should not have started regrowth by the event date. Parts are rocky underfoot but most of the area is fast going with pine needle, bluebell wood, and deciduous leaf carpet sections all represented.

The roads that border the area to the North and West are busy with high speed traffic and are strictly out of bounds.

The nearby regional scout camp builds lots of deadwood hides in the area. For consistency none are mapped.

We express our gratitude to Sue and Howard Cliff, Mark Fuller, and Leeds City Council

Dog restrictions

Please keep dogs on a short lead when passing through all fields, and in the arena. There may be livestock in some of the fields and definitely in neighbouring fields.

Please clear up any mess and take it away with you.

No dogs on courses please.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Chris Burden 07792864473

Planner: David Williams

Controller: Mark Garside (WCH)

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.