Plannerís comments:

Well done to you all for running in such draining heat.† The final run-in uphill before the assembled throng at the finish must have been particularly daunting.

As you probably know, we have twice been defeated in our attempts to stage this event by covid developments.† Indeed covid played a significant part in course design, as I tried to avoid the central shopping and socialising area of Morley. †††When we next return to Morley the planner may have more chance to throw in some ducking and diving legs around the central area.

I must give apologies to the yellow course competitors who had a missing control on their loose control descriptions.† I hope it didnít throw you too much.

As ever thanks are due to all the volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly.† Particular thanks to Steve Webb and Jonathan Gelston for helping collecting in controls.† The more folks who volunteer to do this the less the load for everyone.

Chris Burdenís