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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Roberts Park


New Parkland Permanent Course December 23

Traditionally marked and also available virtual courses on MapRun part of Find Your Way

Score Format with 2 other suggested courses.

Directions and Parking:

There is free parking for Roberts Park near the park entrance on Higher Coach Road, Saltaire, Baildon Shipley BD17 7LU. What three words: strikers.snooty.braked

Public Transport: Bus services 60 626 660 and 679 pass close to the park.

Saltaire railway station is about 300m from the start point.

Start: The suggested start point is by the main entrance at the East end of the park .

However you can start anywhere and visit control points.

***These courses are available on Maprun***

Map Run; Map run is a phone app which displays the map and course on your smart phone. The app tracks, times and beeps to register at each marker. For full info on Maprun and how to use it

For the best experience we strongly advise using the downloadable paper map. Switch on Maprun on your arrival but stow your phone so you aren’t referring to the map on your phone screen but just using the app to sound at correct location, and to track and time your run.

MapRun Set up: Download the app from your App Store

To find the Roberts Park Courses:

Use the QR Code links below or

Open the app > Select Event > UK > Find Your Way > Aire Valley > Roberts Park POC> Score,(Short,Long) > Download

When you are ready to run press “Go to Start” Ensure your GPS is on by waiting to see the red dot. Go to your chosen Start point. Your time starts with the beep as you pass.

The Maprun courses allow you to start anywhere and the marked start becomes an extra control point to collect. BUT! You must finish at the same point as you start.

Beginners Guide: If you are new to Orienteering please look at our Beginners Guide to Orienteering

Map: The map is a specialist Orienteering map at a scale of 1:2000 ie 1cm = 20m with 2m contour interval.

Download your map here

Roberts Park Poc Score

Roberts Park Poc Long

Roberts Park Poc Short

You can also download the map in the Maprun app by pressing the i button in the event screen

Control Descriptions are on the bottom of the map.

If you are not familiar with Orienteering map symbols there is a legend on the map

Course: There are 12 control points plus the start/finish point marked on the map. The map also tells you where you will find the marker – for example, on the south side of a bench, or on a post/notice board. You can visit them in any order.

This is an easy course and very suitable for children to try.

Using the MapRun App, after you ‘go to start’ the controls should register when you are within about 15m of the right place.

Score Collect as many of the 12 controls by whichever route you want within 30 minutes. 20points per control, 10 penalty points per minute over time.

Alternatively we have 2 suggested courses which start from the East park entrance. The individual course maps show them best but on the Score course map they are:

Shorter 850m Start, 12, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, Finish

Longer 1200m Start, 11, 10, 9, 6, 8, 5, 3, 2, 12, 1, Finish

Take care not to activate (‘go to start’) the start until you are ready to go.

If you do, no problem just exit and start again.

Also take care not to go back past the start finish point before you actually want to finish.

Course Status Update December 2023: NEW COURSE All posts and markers in place.

Map Run Link Qr Code Roberts Park Start Anywhere Pxas Score V30

Maprun QR Code Score Course

Map Run Link Qr Code Roberts Park Pxac Long

Maprun QR Code Long Course

Map Run Link Qr Code Roberts Park Pxac Short

Maprun QR code Short Course