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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Idle and Thackley Maprun

Idle Bradford

A 60 minute Urban Score Course with 32 controls

Directions and Parking: Car-park off Butt Lane, Idle BD10 9RE. The car-park is free and can be accessed from Butt Lane or The Green.

Public Transport:. Bus services to/from Idle Thackley area include 612,613,614,640, 641,671

Start: The start and finish are co located near the car park exit to The Green.

Important Notes: Take great care if parked in the car park as when you switch on the app it may register to start. We suggest you are 100% ready to run when you switch the app on so as not to utilise any of your precious time! If you do have a false start just end your run and start again.

There is an area of new housing under development off the A657 in Thackley which is not shown on the map. You don't need to go into this development, and existing roads and paths around it are shown on the map. Please ensure that you keep to footpaths across fields. Some of the footpaths can be muddy in/after wet weather.

Be particularly careful on this course not to run back through the start point at anytime before you want to finish as you would stop your timing prematurely - plan your route accordingly.

Start Anywhere: This course has Start Anywhere enabled. This means that you can start and finish at any control not just the designated start and finish. If doing this the designated start and finish become another checkpoint on the course worth the same points as the checkpoint at which you started. Eg You start at No 14, collect other checkpoints which can include the designated start and finish and to register your time you go back to end your run at No 14.

This mode is great for local people who can start closer to home and for public transport users who can start closer to their arrival point.

Course: This is a Score course with a 60 minute time limit. There are 32 possible checkpoints. Visit as many checkpoints as you can in the time. Each checkpoint is worth 20 points. There is a 10 point penalty for every minute or part therof that you exceed the 60 minute time limit.

Map: The map is an Open Orienteering map at a scale of 1:7500 ie 1cm =75m with 10m contour interval.

Download your map here to take with you. Idle Thackley Maprun Map

Control Descriptions Idle Thackley Control Descriptions

We recommend running with the paper map and stowing your phone.

Where to find this course on the app:

Use QR code above or,

Open the app > Select Event > UK Folder > Aire Valley Folder > Idle Start Anywhere >Download

Ready to run press “Go to Start” Ensure your GPS is on by waiting to see red dot. Go to the Start point your time starts with the beep as you pass.

Results: Current Results for this course: Idle and Thackley Maprun Score Results