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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Beckett Park


This orienteering course is provided for your enjoyment by Leeds Beckett University and Leeds City Council with assistance from Airienteers Orienteering Club.

Directions and Parking: On street parking beside Beckett Park at Batcliffe Drive, Headingley, LS6 3QB. Take note of parking restrictions 2 hour limit Mon-Fri. Please park with consideration to residents.

Public Transport: Burley Park and Headingley train stations are both a very short distance off the mapped area. Bus services to/from the Headingley area include 1,6,19,28,38,56,91,97and X84

Start: The start and finish are co-located in the Park at the Gate of Path Road crossing close to the playground. What 3 words. finest.towers.shine.

However you can start anywhere and look for markers.

Beginners Guide: If you are new to Orienteering please look at our Short Guide to Permanent Course Orienteering Beginners Guide to Orienteering

Map: The map is a specialist Orienteering map at a scale of 1:4000 ie 1cm = 40m with 2.5m contour interval.

Control Descriptions , (what you are looking for), are on the bottom right of the map.

If you are not familiar with Orienteering map symbols there is a legend on the bottom left of the map.

Courses: There are 25 markers which you can look for in any combination, the are all shown on the Score map. Download your maps here to take with you.

Score Collect as many of the 25 controls by whichever route you want within 60 minutes. 20points per control, 10 penalty points per minute over time. Beckett Park Score

We also have some course suggestions suitable for all from absolute beginners of any age.

Short A 1.3km with 20m climb 9 controls. Beckett Park Short A

Short B 1.3km with 20m climb 7 controls. Beckett Park Short B

Medium 2.6km with 45m climb 14 controls Beckett Park Medium

Long 4.5 km with 60m climb 24 controls Beckett Park Long

All courses allows you to Start at Any control point, this also becomes your finish and the marked Start is another place to collect points.

***These courses are available on Maprun***

Map Run; Map run is a phone app which displays the map and course on your smart phone. The app tracks, times and beeps to register at each marker. For full info on Maprun and how to use it

For the best experience we strongly advise using the downloadable paper map. Switch on Maprun on your arrival but stow your phone so you aren’t referring to the map on your phone screen but just using the app to sound at correct location, and to track and time your run.

MapRun Set up: Download the app from your app store.

To find the Beckett Park Courses: Open the QR links

Or Open the app > Select Event > UK Folder > Find Your Way>Aire Valley> Beckett Park Score (ShortA ShortB Medium, or Long ) > Download

When you are ready to run press “Go to Start” Ensure your GPS is on by waiting to see the red dot. Go to your chosen Start point. Your time starts with the beep as you pass.

Beginners and novices should note that on the app we have enabled the "show current location" feature. If you think you may want to use this feature it needs to be enabled before you start.

Course Status Update: NEW COURSE Posts and markers installed September 23.

Maprun live