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Orienteering in
Airedale and Wharfedale

Junior Development Officer

Autumn 2016 News

Last edited: Mon 21 Nov 2016

During October I was fortunate enough to be invited to work in 6 schools in North Leeds providing some basic orienteering activities in their school grounds.

The activities involved simple orientating the map exercises and benefited from the availability of electronic (SI) timing. All the activities were very well received by staff and pupils.

After each day of activities I was able to distribute flyers inviting newcomers to the Esholt Woods O-Lite on Saturday 22nd October.

This proved very successful with nearly three-times the normal attendance for an O-Lite event.

School Mapping

During the Autumn I have also drawn three new maps of school grounds and have been invited to present one of the maps and with suggested activities to staff at their weekly staff meeting.

Schools League 2017

The format, dates and venues for an inter-school orienteering league in Leeds and Wharfedale in May, June and July 2017 is currently being finalised and I hope to announce the dates and venues in the next few weeks.

Simon Martland

AIRE Junior Development Officer