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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Airienteers Helper Vouchers

Last edited: Fri 5 Apr 2024

Aire helper vouchers are given to volunteers in recognition for giving up their time and use of their skills and knowledge to make orienteering races take place.

The vouchers are currently valued at £10 which is the entry fee to a Regional event. Now that we have moved to pre-entry systems (Fabian 4 for Regional and above, and Race Signup for Locals), we have found that the paper voucher system really didn’t function as a reward anymore, as they could not be used on pre-entries. We have now created an online helper code which can be used when pre-entering for any of our events.

Paper vouchers can still be used until the end of the 2024 but they will no longer be issued.

Distribution of Vouchers.

Helper Codes will be distributed by Event Organisers.

Level A, B, and C Events:

2x Helper Codes will be given to the Planner, Controller, and Organiser.

1x Helper Code will be given to any other Helper.

Level D Events:

1x Helper Code will be given to the Planner/Organiser.

How to use Helper Vouchers.

Helper Codes can be used online when pre-entering for any of our events on Fabian 4 or Race Signup.

Level A and B Events:

For Major and National events it will give a £10 discount.

Level C Events:

For Regional events it will give a free entry.

Level D Events:

For Local events it will give free entry to two events.

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