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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Penistone Hill and Haworth Town

Aire Valley Town and Country Weekend - Yorkshire Orienteering Superleague Event

Sun 05 September, 2021

Level of event: Regional

Type of event: Race


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Hope you enjoyed the event, and my thanks to Sarah and Val for planning and organising, and to Tony and Chris for the new combined map.

We have decided to void the legs either side of control 183, which affects the Green, Blue, Brown and Black courses. A number of people lost time at 183, or maybe weren't able to punch it at all, and this seems the only fair action to take. The control was in a close which I had assumed to have public access, but which led to a confrontation with a local resident, and I'd particularly like to thank Chris Burden for his efforts in handling the situation.

Peter Jones (Controller),

Routegadget shows course without excluded control so that splits results file ties in.

Pre Event Info

Yorkshire Superleague Event

Directions / Parking

Parking is at Penistone Hill Country Park, signed from Moorside Lane (between Oxenhope and Stanbury). Please park in the parking area at the end of the track as directed by marshalls.

Please note that there is no vehicle entry possible from Upper Marsh Lane/Field Head Lane

At the time of writing the approach tracks are particularly potholed and require driving with care. Hopefully some remedial work may occur before the event.

Penistone Hill can be accessed by the B3 Bronte Bus from Keighley Bus Station which departs at 10.05 and 11.05. Leave the bus at Marsh Top from where assembly is a 1k walk. The event can also by accessed from Oxenhope Station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway - a 1.5k walk away. There is a train from Keighley at 11.00 which arrives in Oxenhope at 11.25.

Registration & Start Times

There will be no on the day registration. Start times will be from 10.30-12.30 The start and finish are both a short distance from the parking area.

Entry Details

This event is pre-entry only. Entries are now closed

Start times can be viewed via this link, which can also be used for the Silsden Urban event on the Saturday.

SI card hire

Hired SI cards will be available to collect at Download. A charge of £30 will be made for lost or non-returned hire SI cards. After your run they must be left in a box beside the splits printer.

Controls will be SIAC enabled. But you must dib at the Start and at the Finish.

Competitors with standard or hired SI cards must also dib at all controls.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their SI card has registered at the control.

Covid-19 Considerations: Please keep to the British Orienteering covid code of conduct:

Code Of Conduct 6 July 2020 1

In particular:

1. Maintain social distancing at all times

2. Make use of the hand sanitiser available at the toilets, pre-start and download

2. Be quiet at the start line

3. Only speak with event officials if absolutely necessary.

4. Minimise the amount of time spent in close proximity to others.

5. Respect other people's personal space.

6. Observe any local and national covid guidelines when travelling to and from the event.

7. Stay home if you or anyone in your household is unwell or self-isolating.

Yorkshire Superleague Rules

Below are the standard Superleague courses and age-classes for this event:

NB: Insurance Conditions are that any runner under the age of 16 on the day of the event cannot run on courses which cross busy roads. This means they can only enter Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow or White.

Black: M21

Brown: W21 - M20, M35, M40, M45

Blue: W20, W35, W40, W45 - M16, M18, M50, M55, M60

Green: W16, W18, W50, W55, W60 - M65, M70

Short Green: W65+ - M75+

Light Green: W14 - M14

Orange: W12 - M12

Yellow: W10 - M10

Long Orange: not a Superleague course, best for senior runners with little navigational experience

White: not a Superleague course, best for the youngest juniors

Course Information

White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Short Green courses will just have a map of Penistone Hill, at 1:5000.
All other courses will have a merged map of Penistone Hill and Haworth - Blue, Green and Long Orange at 1:5000, and Black and Brown at 1:5500.

All maps using ISSprOM 2019.

Penistone Hill Survey and Cartography by Tony Thornley. Updated 2021. Haworth Survey and Cartography by Chris Burden. Extended and updated 2021. Maps merged by Tony Thornley.

Courses: Subject to final controlling;

White: 1.6k 30m climb 14 controls Very Easy - For young and inexperienced juniors

Yellow: 2.0k 45m 13 controls Easy - For juniors with a little experience

Orange: 2.4k 90m 14 controls Moderately Easy - For more experienced juniors and inexperienced seniors.

Long Orange: 4.7k 140 m 19 controls Moderately Easy - Suitable for less experienced but fit adults.

Light Green: 2.9k 90m 17 controls Moderately Hard - For experienced juniors

Short Green: 2.7k 95m 16 controls Hard

Green: 3.8k 135m 19 controls Hard

Blue: 5.4k 200m 21 controls Hard

Brown: 7.7k 280m 26 controls Hard

Black: 9.2k 295m 28 controls Hard

Terrain Description

Penistone Hill is open moorland with a lot of old quarry workings and is a favourite with local dogwalkers. It has a network of well walked footpaths and lesser trods, including some minor ones which are not on the map. There is a lot of heather cover with a few trees dotted around and in places the undergrowth this year seems to have flourished. While the worst of the tussocks and undergrowth have been avoided in course planning, all courses other than white and yellow have a mix of fast running on decent paths, heather and tussocks to contend with, and do visit the old quarry workings.

Haworth is a busy tourist town famous for its cobbled main street – this plus some of the paving slabs on paths to and from the village do get a bit slippy if its wet. Please also be considerate to other pedestrians and take the normal care when rounding blind corners as well as around the two churches as its Sunday.

The map has been extended to include some open areas around the edge of town. As ever please avoid all out of bounds areas, do not cross any walls, fences or hedges shown on the map as 'not to be crossed', and use only the marked linking paths or roads to and from Penistone Hill.

Dog restrictions

Only under tight control. You must clear up all mess.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Val Gilleard 01274 551047 (before 9.00 p.m. please)

Planner: Sarah Rowell

Controller : Peter Jones

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.