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Meanwood Park YHOA Night League 6 January 2024

YHOA Night League

Sat 06 January, 2024

Level of event: Regional

Type of event: Race, Night


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Planner's Comments -

- Thankyou for coming and hope you enjoyed running and navigating through Meanwood Park at night.

We have decided to void the legs on either side of control 170 which affects the Short and Long courses. The flag was put out about 15m away from the tape, to the north of the taped site and on a different thicket - my apologies. The results will be updated tomorrow. UPDATE on looking at the results we have decided to void the leg to 170 only as no one appears to be disadvantaged from 170 to their next control. This has now been done. However on routegadget the original results are there to enable you to put your routes on. I hope to see how you got on.

Peter Jones

Pre Event Info

Safety Information

U16s may run any course as appropriate, but parents and guardians should be aware that the Long course crosses minor roads and low-speed suburban roads and cul-de-sacs.

It is recommended that given the time of year, we recommend that all participants carry a hooded waterproof jacket and must also carry a whistle and spare light.

It may be prudent to wear or carry additional items such as hat, gloves or warm layer and also carry a mobile phone

Directions / Parking

Registration, toilets and download will be at the Meanwood Institute (94 Green Road, LS6 4LD)

The hall will not be open until 17:20 (at the absolute earliest), so if you intend on starting at 17:30 precisely, you may need to find alternative toilets en route.

There is no parking at the hall, please use the Meanwood Park car park (at the end of Green Road, LS6 4LE). The car park is 200m walk from the Meanwood Institute back along Green Road. The start will be a maximum of 100m from the car park.

Buses 38 and 39 run from Leeds City centre and is a short walk (~10-15min) from busses up Scott Hall Road and through Headingley.

We hope to offer tea and coffee in the hall after your run (TBC).

Registration & Start Times

YHOA Night League Rules 23-24

Start times 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Courses close 8.00pm, but under YHOA night league rules ( there is now a maximum 90min time limit on all courses, so if you think you may take longer, consider entering a shorter course.

Pre-Entries by Fabian 4 using the above link. EOD on all courses will be available, but there may be limited map numbers.

Entry Details

Entry via link to Fabian4

Enter Online

£10 for Senior BO members, £12 for Senior non-members and £5 for all juniors/students)

Limited EOD dependent on maps being available.

£2 surcharge for EOD

Entries are extended until Midnight on Thursday 4th January

SI card hire: £1

Hired SI cards will be available to collect at Download. A charge of £30 will be made for lost or non-returned hire SI cards. After your run they must be left in a box beside the splits printer.

Controls will be SIAC enabled. But you must dib at the Start and at the Finish.

Competitors with standard or hired SI cards must also dib at all controls.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their SI card has registered at the control.

Course Information

Distances and number of controls (subject to final controlling)

LONG TD5 4.8km/135m climb

MEDIUM TD4 3.3km/130m climb

SHORT TD3 1.9km/45m climb

VERY SHORT TD2 1.2km/30m climb

Terrain Description

A wooded valley with slopes on both sides of Meanwood Beck which contains many terrain features and a good path network. There is also an area of parkland which is used by all courses, and an urban area which is visited by the long course only.
Although it is usually possible to cross Meanwood Beck in places, it is strongly recommended to use the bridges and courses have been planned to make use of these. One bridge in the park is currently fenced off as it is considered unsafe - no reasonable route would cross this bridge. The Very Short course does not cross Meanwood Beck.
There are some ponds and a long, narrow water channel which are mapped as uncrossable, and cannot be crossed.

Dog restrictions

On a tight lead please.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Richard Foster (AIRE)

Planner: Peter Jones (AIRE)

Controller: Paul Turner SELOC

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.