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Fat Rascal Races - Chasing Sprint - Prologue and Chase

Cliffe Castle and Myrtle Park

Sat 14 July, 2018

Level of event: Regional

Type of event: Race


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Pre Event Info

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YHOA Sprint Championships - Yorkshire Urban League Event

Directions / Parking

The Event Centre and Parking for the Prologue are at University Academy, Keighley (go there first!) on grid reference SE 055 423 and postcode BD20 6EB.  Access to the carpark at the Academy is on a one-way system, enter via the top entrance only and leave via the bottom exit. 

Registration & Download, Assembly and Toilets are in the Academy Reception Area.  There must be no muddy/spiked/dobbed shoes in the building. 

The Academy catering facilities will be open on the day and orienteers are welcome to use them.  There are likely to be other users onsite during our event, please be aware and respectful of them.   

The Event Centre for The Chase is at the Bandstand in Myrtle Park, off Myrtle Place Bingley. Grid ref: SE106390     Post code: BD16 2LF   There is ample parking on streets and in car parks in Bingley Centre.  Be aware that several of the streets immediately adjacent to the Park have resident only permitted spaces.  You must enter the Park via the Main Entrance close to Bingley Swimming Pool.  All other entrances are out of bounds.

The distance between the Prologue and the Chase is approximately 6k.  Driving it should take 15 minutes maximum.

Public transport between the venues is viable.   Keighley Bus Station and Train Station are each approximately 1k from University Academy.  In Bingley the buses stop across the road from Myrtle Park.  The Train station is approximately 200m away.

There are buses, 662-The Shuttle, at 10 minutes frequency between Keighley and Bingley.  You can also catch the 60 (every 30 minutes).  Journey time 15 minutes.

Trains are, at the minimum, at 15 minutes frequency.   Journey time is 6 minutes. 

The Chase Assembly will be available from 1.00.  Go there after you have run The Prologue and after you have downloaded at University Academy.

There will be two portaloos in Myrtle Park.  Please note the public toilets in Bingley, close to the Arts Centre,  are closed for refurbishment.

Registration & Start Times

Pre-entries via 

SI Hire on the day only.  For any postal entries please check BO Fixtures for the address to send to.

Pre-entries close at Midnight on Sunday 8th July.

EOD Registration, which will be at University Academy, Keighley  from 10.00 and closes at 11.30

Prologue Starts will be from 11.00-12.00

Chase Starts will be from 2.00.   Your start time will be 2.00 plus however long you took for the Prologue.  (Slower runners on the Prologue may be given starts a little earlier 2.00 plus their time)

Chase Start lists will be available asap at The Bandstand in Myrtle Park.

Entry Details

Pre entry via fabian4

Pre-Entry (before midnight on Sunday 8th July) for the combined Prologue and Chase is:-

£8 for BO member Seniors; £10 for non-member Seniors.  £3.50 for Juniors and Students.

Course 6 only:  Seniors £3.50   Juniors 50p

There is a £1 discount for competitors who enter both Saturday (Chasing Sprint) and Sunday (Bingley Urban Race) together. 

SI card hire (EOD only) 50p.


£9.00 BO member Seniors; £11 for non-member Seniors; £4 for Juniors and Students.

Course 6 only: Seniors £4   Juniors Free.

Course Information

Chasing Sprint only.  (Please see Bingley page for courses there)

Course 1  MO (M18 - M35 inclusive)                                                                                      Prologue:  2.6k  90m  20 controls  -  Chase:  2.6k  55m  19 controls 

Course 2  MV (M40+): WO (W18-W35 inclusive)                                                            Prologue:  2.2k  60m  18 controls  -  Chase:  2.3k  50m  17 controls 

Course 3  MJ (M16-): MSV (M55+): WV (W40+)                                                          Prologue:  1.9k  60m  15 controls  -  Chase:  1.9k  45m  15 controls 

Course 4  MUV  (M65+): WJ (W16-): WSV (W55+)                                                       Prologue:  1.7k  50m  15 controls  -  Chase:  1.8k  35m  16 controls 

Course 5  MHV (M75+) : WUV (W65+): WHV (W75+)                                                   Prologue:  1.4k  40m  14 controls  -  Chase:  1.5k  25m  13 controls 

Course 6  MYJ (M12-): WYJ (W12-)                                                                          Prologue:  1.3k  50m  14 controls  -  Chase:  1.2k  25m  16 controls

You may run the course of your choice, but to be competitive in the leagues you will need to enter the course listed for your class above.

Control descriptions will be on the map.  There will be loose control descriptions in the start lane, but for the Prologue only.

Only the Prologue counts for BO Ranking points

The combined results count for the Yorkshire Urban league

Terrain Description

Primarily well-maintained public parks.  Both parks are fast and runnable.  They have steep slopes, which could become slippery if wet.

Myrtle Park (the Chase)  has a section of rougher terrain which is used by Courses 1- 4.  Full leg cover is advised.  Shoes with some grip are advisable.

Courses 1 and 2  at Myrtle Park also run alongside an urban section for a short distance, primarily car parks and their access roads, which will have only slow-moving traffic.  Please take appropriate care.  

Both maps updated 2018.

Dog restrictions

Dogs under tight control and preferably not on the courses.  There are likely to be restrictions on dogs in the Event Centre at University Academy.  Watch this space.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser : Wendy Caryle 01535 273761

Planner: Chris Burden

Controller : Steve Webb

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.