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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Dales Town and Country Weekend - Conistone South

YHOA Superleague and Championship event

Sun 10 September, 2023

Level of event: Regional

Type of event: Race


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Dales Town and Country Weekend: Ilkley Urban Event-2023-09-09

Come an join us in the SPA town of Ilkley, famous for Ilkley Moor its crags and the cup and ring stones on Rombalds Moor. There are numerous attractions in Ilkley including the Lido, Betty's Café (other cafés are available) and distinctive retail outlets. It is believed that Charles Darwin visited for its spa and took the waters at the plunge pool in White Wells which is still there.

Then visit the Dales for Sunday's event in the beautiful area of Conistone.

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Pre Event Info

Join us in this fast classic Dales limestone terrain for the YHOA Championships.

For more info on the championships visit

Safety Information

Update 08/09/2023 - Whistles are compulsory. Shorts are permitted as it is fine weather and we are on moorland. (Note there is a possibility of thunderstorms - keep an eye on the weather).

Emergency number is 07875 359100

Directions / Parking

Approach Conistone by the B6160 from the north or the south. Please DO NOT use the parallel minor road to the east as it is very narrow with few passing places. Parking will be in a field on the left at Conistone just before the bridge (SD978675), there will be a £2 parking fee collected in cash on entry. All cars must arrive by 12:00 and no exit will be possible until 12:30.

Assembly and download will be in the parking field.

Registration & Start Times

Registration will open at 10:00 until 12:00

Start times are from 10.30 to 12.30. Courses close at 14.30.

From parking to the start is about 750m with 50m climb. It is along the footpath to the dib which is narrow and rocky in places so extra care (and ample time) will be needed especially if it is wet. Children should be accompanied to the start.

The distance from the finish to download is 1.5km along an easy track - downhill all the way.

Entry Details

Pre-entry with limited Entry on the Day. You can enter both the Saturday and Sunday events on the link to Fabian 4

Enter Online .

Entries will be kept open until Wednesday 6th September as long as maps are available, with the closing deadline for a early entry being midnight on Sunday 3rd September. It is hoped that from Thursday 6th we can publish the numbers of maps for EOD.

Si Card Hire: £1 apart from Yellow where they are free. Hired SI cards will be available to collect at Download. A charge of £30 will be made for lost or non-returned hire SI cards. After your run they must be returned at download. Competitors with standard or hired SI cards must dib at all controls including the start and finish.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their SI card has registered at the control.

Entry Deadline

BOF Seniors

BOF Juniors/Students

NON BOF Supplements

Up to 23:59, Sun 3 September

£12 Black to VSG

£5 Lt Green to Yellow


Yellow is free to juniors

£2 senior

Entries from Monday 4th to Wed 6th and EOD


£6 Lt Green to Yellow


Yellow is free to juniors

£2 senior

YHOA Championships are open to all members of YHOA clubs and are age-class based in the same way as the British Championships are. The clubs are AIRE, CLARO, EPOC, EBOR, HALO & SYO.

Course Information


Maps available for EOD







M21, M35, M40

Short Brown



M18, M20, M45, M50





M16, M55, M60

W35, W40

Short Blue




W18, W20, W45, W50





W16, W55, W60

Short Green



M75, M80+

W65, W70

Very Short Green



W75, W80+

Light Green















To be competitive in this Championship event you must enter the course appropriate to your age category. Prizes will be given for each age class so if you run a course up or down you are not eligible for a prize.

Prizegiving will be held as near to course closing time as possible once winners have been identified.

Terrain Description

Generally good running. Typical walled limestone terrain, with many rock and stone features.

There are also a number of gates or dry stone walls in the area which need to be crossed only at designated crossing points. These crossing points MUST be used, and include specially constructed stiles, open gateways, stiles and gates on public rights of way, and farm gates.

Courses have been planned so that S Green and VS Green courses do not need to cross high stiles if the optimal route is used this will be indicated in the start lane. Other courses have some high stiles on them and some crossing points in the NE section may have runners coming from both directions.

Some gates will be locked and need to be climbed. Others can be opened - if you open a gate, you must close it after passing through. Any damage to walls or gates is to be reported to the organiser to allow for repairs. Damage to walls threatens permission to use these areas in future. No stiles or gates need to be climbed on the young junior or shortest senior courses.

A number of areas are marked on the map as Out of Bounds, including all areas of limestone pavement and SSSI areas. This must be respected - they will not be taped off.

Dog restrictions


Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Liz Carter

Planner: James Woodham

Controller: John Kewley

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.