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Airienteers, Orienteering in Airedale and Wharfedale and Leeds and Bradford

Burley & Ilkley Moors

UK Orienteering League Event & YHOA Super League

Sun 20 February, 2022

Level of event: National

Type of event: Race


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Lost Property - use read more link

Beck in Spate

Lost Property - for return contact organiser

1 Petzel Headtorch

1 thumb compass and 1 baseplate compass

1 pair of Soloman Speed Cross trainer size 6 Orange

1 blue towel

1 pair of OMM waterproof trousers and 1 pair of Asics lightweight trousers

1 Blue Silva headtorch battery backpack bag

1 glove, 1 sock and 1 buff 1 control case 1 small ankle support

Pre Event Info

Lost Property

Safety Information

16/02 - Sunday's weather (you have probably noticed) is not looking good. We have already said whistles are compulsory and at this stage we are strongly advising the carrying of a waterproof jacket with hood. We also recommend that hat and gloves are taken and for the longer courses which go into more remote areas a mobile phone (well waterproofed) is carried for emergency purposes. There is an emergency number on the map.

18/02 - Weather still looking pretty dire. Although the maps are printed on waterproof paper that has been tested for strength and print fastness they are not infallible so you might want to bring a poly bag for extra protection. Sizes of maps are below in course information. NOTE ADDITIONAL SAFETY INFORMATION. WATERPROOF JACKET WITH HOOD NOW COMPULSORY (as well as whistle) AND WILL BE CHECKED ON THE WAY TO THE STARTS.


Ilkley moor is a gritstone escarpment with a wealth of rock and contour detail, areas of steep-sided woodland and an extensive path network. There are many crags and other rock features. Some areas are rocky underfoot and can contain gaps hidden by vegetation. Please take special care when passing these areas and do not attempt to descend or climb any crag marked as impassable. Crags will not be taped. Longer courses cross a steep-sided stream valley. Do not try to cross it where there are impassable crags. In the event of heavy rain, some streams may be difficult to cross. In this case, warnings will be given on the event website and safe crossing points will be indicated at assembly and at the pre-start.

Runners also need to be aware that it is a very popular location used by mountain bikers, dog walkers and plenty of walkers and tourists especially on a nice day.

Link and QR code below for live results

Directions / Parking

The event centre is at Ilkley Grammar School, Cowpasture Lane, Ilkley LS29 8TR. . Access to parking will be from Springs Lane/Bolling Road (B6382) (What Three Words: tomorrow.eggshell.snowmen). This will be signed from the A65 (Leeds Rd) and from Cowpasture Road. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH THE SCHOOL FROM BEN RHYDDING ON THE B6382. If travelling from the east or west on the A65 go to the main traffic lights in Ilkley and turn left (signed) towards the station. This is to ensure that once the parking on site is full then vehicles can go straight on to park and not have to turn around. Once parking is full marshals will be directing vehicles past the school towards Ben Rhydding to park.

We strongly encourage competitors to travel to the event by public transport where possible. Ilkley train station is only a 10min walk (500m/10m climb) from the event centre and there are direct trains from Leeds or Bradford to Ilkley at least every hour.


For competitors coming by car the main car park is accessed from Spring Lane (adjacent to Ilkley Coronation Hospital). Overflow parking will be on the local streets. Parking is generally unrestricted to the East of the school. Please respect all local parking restrictions and access for local residents. Failure to do so could jeopardise future events in Ilkley.

Compass Point will be located in the parking area.

Event centre facilities

The event centre is in the Armitage Building adjacent to the carpark. Enquiries, EOD registration, download, toilets will be located here. The PTA will open the café and sell hot drinks and cakes - note that it is CASH ONLY.

Juniors: For more fun after download find our desktop orienteering games inside near the café - come and join us!

There is plenty of space available to store baggage and clothing in the building whilst you run. There will be event officials in the hall at all times, but you leave valuables at your own risk. There will be a key drop at enquiries for car keys.

There should be no muddy shoes inside the hall or the toilets. Please remove your muddy O shoes at the door! There are no showers and the sinks in the toilets are not to be used for washing kit.

Current advice on masks is that you should wear them in enclosed spaces when mixing with people you do not know. The wearing of masks is a personal choice. Door will be open at two ends of the room.

Registration & Start Times

Start times from 10.30 to 12.30. Courses close at 14.30. There are two starts the route will be marked by tape from registration through the school grounds then up the road to the mini roundabout. Here the two routes will diverge and be signed from here. There will NOT be a pre-start, there will be a clear and check at each start. The low start is 500m plus 40m climb. The high start is 1.2 km with 100m climb.

The route to the low start is suitable for buggies but the courses are not.

The starts are quite exposed with no shelter. There are no toilets at the start and there will be no clothing dump.

Start procedure

It will be a PUNCHING start (and PUNCHING finish).

The start will be socially distanced. Call up will be at -4. All runners have a timed start. If you are late for your allocated start time, you will be started in the first available slot for your course, or at a half minute interval. Controls will be SIAC enabled. You will not be given a start earlier than your allocated start time unless you are a helper.

-4 Call up, final Check

-3 Control Descriptions

-2 Late information

-1 Start line/Map boxes


Follow tapes back to the event centre and is about 500m away. The finish will be staffed until courses close at 14.30.

Courses close promptly at 14.30 (you must be back at download no later than 14.50) – if you think your course may take you a long time, please select an early start. Anyone not returned to the event centre by 14.50 may trigger a search and/or mountain rescue being called out.

Entry Details


Pre-entry with limited Entry on the Day. Registration opens at 10.00 to 12.00

You can enter both the Saturday and Sunday events on the link to Fabian 4 - closing deadline is midnight on 13 Feb: Enter Online


Entry Deadline

BOF Seniors

BOF Juniors/Students

NON BOF Supplements

Up to 23:59, Sun 13 Feb



£2 senior

Limited EOD



£2 senior

EOD is aimed in particular at juniors to encourage those who are new to the sport and those who wish to have some guidance on which course to choose. Additional maps will be targeted at courses White to Light Green. Any EOD for other courses will be limited. In addition, no guarantee of start time can be given. It is important to note that competitors will be required to arrive at the start no more than 10 minutes before their start time. Pre-entries will not be able to run early. EOD will be allocated a time at registration and be given a slip to take to the start showing their time.

Si Card Hire: £1. Hired SI cards will be available to collect at Download. A charge of £30 will be made for lost or non-returned hire SI cards. After your run they must be left in a box beside the splits printer. Competitors with standard or hired SI cards must dib at all controls including the start and finish.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their SI card has registered at the control.


To be eligible for points in the individual league, competitors must be members of British Orienteering. To be eligible for points in the club league a club must be affiliated to British Orienteering and to score points for a club an individual must also be a member both of British Orienteering and of that club. An individual is only be permitted to score points for one club in any one year of the league

Points will only be awarded to individuals older than M/W14 if they are competing in their age class

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel an entry up to the event closing date and receive a refund of your entry fee less an administrative charge. If you have to cancel for valid Covid reasons, you can do so up to the event closing date without losing the Fabian processing charge. In this instance you must contact the organiser to request a full refund.

Covid-19 Considerations: Please keep to the British Orienteering Covid code of conduct:

Code of Conduct August 2021

Before attending any orienteering activity all participants should self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms which include: a high temperature; a new continuous cough; and a loss of, or change to, their sense of taste or smell. If you, or anyone you live with, has one or more of these symptoms, however mild, you should not attend the event.

Similarly if you have been informed that you need to self-isolate, then you must do so.

Please try to:

1. Maintain social distancing at all times

2. Make use of the hand sanitiser available at the toilets, pre-start and download

2. Be quiet at the start line

3. Only speak with event officials if absolutely necessary.

4. Minimise the amount of time spent in close proximity to others.

5. Respect other people's personal space.

6. Observe any local and national covid guidelines when travelling to and from the event.

Course Information

Course information



Course Length (km)

Climb (m)


Map size & scale

M Classes

W Classes








M35 M40

Short Brown



M18 M20 M45 M50





M16 M55 M60

W35 W40

Short Blue




W18 W20 W45 W50





W16 W55 W60

Short Green



M75 M80 M85+

W65 W70

Very Short Green




W75 W80 W85+

Light Green




















The lower slopes of Ilkley Moor include a maze of mapped tracks, paths, mountain bike trails and indistinct paths together with many unmapped seasonal paths and animal trails. With more ‘decision points’, the White and Yellow courses have more controls than usual. White and Yellow maps will be available to pick up before the start lanes and displayed at registration. Also, please note:

  • There are two taped routes of 25m and 45m. These apply to both the White and Yellow courses ONLY and are marked by canes with red & white tapes. There are controls at the beginning and end of each taped route.
  • Some legs of the White course include ’Smiley Face’ signs for reassurance. These ONLY apply to the White course.

Control descriptions are on the maps and loose descriptions available at pre-start.

W & Y course maps will be on display at Registration and distributed in the immediate pre-start area.Blank maps will be on display at Registration and in the start lanes.

All courses use IOF symbols for control descriptions apart from White, Yellow and Orange which use written text descriptions. The map legend is obscured on most course maps.

In the event of extreme weather the event will be cancelled. If this is the case, it will be notified on the event website and in the assembly hall.

Courses close at 14.30. For safety reasons you must finish (or report to the download if retiring) by this time.

Terrain Description

Map & Terrain

Map by Tony Thornley, ISOM 2017-2, updated winter 2021-22. The map scale for each course is shown in the course information. Previous maps of most of the area to be used can be found here: and

Most of the moor is “slow run” as dead bracken remains an obstacle. A wide green line screen (double the normal ‘undergrowth –slow run’ size) has been used on the map to show the worst areas without hiding the contour or rock detail in these areas. Apart from this, the map conforms to ISOM2017-2. Many minor paths are not marked. The ‘ride’ symbol is used to show mountain bike tracks, which are steep but usually runnable.

Areas of blanket bog have been marked as out of bounds at the request of Natural England and Bradford Council. These are not taped but please do your best to avoid them

A black cross on the map (encountered only on the longer courses) represents a boundary post or stone. Control description ‘O’ (prominent feature) represents a shooting butt.

Event Safety

Please remember that Orienteering is an adventure sport and you take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety during the event.

You must report to download at the event centre, even if you do not complete your course. Failure to do so may result in the organiser starting a search on the moor and/or calling out mountain rescue.

The Emergency bearing in all circumstances is to head North until you reach the road bounding the moor. Then follow the road down into the town.


Although close to the town of Ilkley, t’Moor is a high north facing exposed moorland escarpment, rising from 140m elevation near the town to an eventual height of 402m. With the event taking place in winter, all competitors must carry minimum kit to ensure that in the case of a competitor injury or incident that prevents you from completing your course, your chances of developing hypothermia are reduced. A whistle is mandatory.

As such we may require runners to carry the following minimum kit whilst competing:

  • Waterproof jacket with taped seams and integrated hood
  • Warm hat

We would also strongly recommend that you carry a charged mobile phone in a waterproof bag or case. There is good mobile coverage over the whole area. The emergency number will be printed on the map.

In the event of poor weather, we may also require all competitors to carry the following kit. We will inform competitors on the event website as early as we are able and at the assembly hall if this is a requirement:

  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams, Gloves, Warm mid-layer

First Aid

There will be first aiders available at the event centre

If you suffer a minor injury and are unable to return to the centre, the emergency phone number will be printed on the event maps. If you suffer a serious injury, please dial 999 and ask for police and mountain rescue. You must ask them to contact the organiser on the number printed on the event maps as soon as possible.

If you are not carrying a mobile phone and need assistance, please use your whistle – 6 blasts every minute (the reply is 3 long blasts). Keep blowing until assistance arrives at your location.

Dog restrictions

On a lead at all times. Not allowed in the event centre.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Liz Carter

Planner: Rob King

Controller: Richard Payne (EPOC)

Important Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: British Orienteering provides Public Liability insurance cover for all individuals taking part in our Organised Events and Activities.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.