Airienteers Summer Sprint Race League 2016

                                             (+ Orange & Yellow Courses)



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8 June

Leeds University



Bernard Foster

Parking:  Where you can park legally.

15 June

Lister Park



David Alcock

Parking:    Car Park in the park off North Park Road       

22 June

Miles Hill



Ian Furlong & Greg Weatherhead

Parking:   At Meanwood Urban Farm         

29 June

Ilkley Streets & Riverside Gardens


LS29 9ES

Bradley Dickerson

Parking:   At Riverside Gardens along Bridge Lane      

6 July

Holt Park


LS16 7JW

Will Patterson

Parking:   Car Park at the top of Farrar Lane

13 July

Nunroyd Park


LS19 7WB

Robert Bumstead

Parking:   Car Park in the park off the A65           



Senior £3.50  Junior £1.50 per map

Course Details










Sprint  - technically hard standard. (2.5k-3.5k)

(Top international runners will do this in 12-15 minutes.  You’ll be

slower, but feel free to use the map for a longer non-competitive run

after you have completed the sprint.)


Orange – moderate difficulty (2.0k-2.5k)

(Suitable for newcomers and  juniors with some experience)


Yellow  -  easy  (1.5k-2.0k)

(Suitable for juniors with no or limited experience)


We will attempt to get league results onto the website promptly.

50 for first place, 49 for second etc.


From 6.00 pm. 

Start Times

6.30-7.15  (A narrower start band to add to the atmosphere of the event) 

Courses close at 8.00

Further information at

Travel directions and Social venue

Leeds University

From the A660 follow Clarendon Road and park where permissible.  Assembly is in front of the students union at the east end of Lifton Place.


Social at ….(The Union?)


Lister Park

From the A650 turn west at the traffic lights at either end of the park and follow the edge of the park round to the west side – North Park Road.


Social at The Turf (NE corner of the map on Keighley Road)


Miles Hill

From Meanwood Road coming from Leeds Centre turn right into Farm Hill South and immediately right into Sugarwell Road.


Social at East of Arcadia, Meanwood


Ilkley Streets & Riverside Gardens

From the A65 in Ilkley, after the central traffic lights take the 2nd right into Bridge Lane.  Park alongside Riverside Gardens after the road bends sharply to the left.


Social at the Flying Duck, Church Street


Holt Park

From the A660 coming from Leeds, turn left into Farrar Lane  at the traffic lights.  The car park is on the right at the top of Farrar Lane


Social at the High Farm by the car park.


Nunroyd Park

From A65 coming from Leeds, turn right into the park.


Social at Coopers in Guiseley (opposite Morrisons on the A65, 500m further northwest from the park)